As we all know too well the world is changing very quickly. Hardly a day does not pass by that some discovery, new innovation, some new android IPad or Android app appears that offers us new ways to interact with our environment. And yet, in spite of this new technologies, most of us are still stuck at reading at rates unchanged in over 100 years ago.

Until now....

Using the latest advances in NLP, holography and accelerated learning, Daniel Abella from the New York NLP Institute developed a state- of- the- art technology which enables the reader to absorb large amounts of information while increasing retention, comprehension, and creativity.

You will be amazed how quickly, and easily you find yourself zipping thru dense technical material and grasping the key elements for any paper, dissertation or speech you might need to make. In addition Cyberreading allows more cross = hemispheric communication leading to new insights and understandings. 

Lastly, Cyberreading uses your eyes in ways that strenghthen the optical muscles and release tension and stress. Some practitioners have even reported better vision and less use of reading glasses.

How does it work?

Imagine a thin sheet of metal, if you fold it slowly it and release, it will snap back to its original shape. If you fold it quickly with precision it will stay in its new shape. The memory works the same way. This minute you are taking in hundred of thousands of data into memory. Just like a computer if the data is not been formatted, it cannot be retrieved. CYBERREADING is a fully formatted operating reading system which enables you to absorb and retrieve data by setting up the initial and final reading parameters of the  session with 6 very specific formatting techniques.

These 6 exercises are:

1. Core Patterning

2. Purposeful Reading

3.Mind Mapping

4.CyberFocus (download)

5. Retrieval Codes

6. Upload phase.

Once you follow this guiding principles your will "encode" the information faster and retained it longer than thru conventional reading. You will know right away that information is flowing at lightning speeds. By the way you can always return to conventional reading speeds if you have time to kill ...but who does these days???

Like all our programs this is 100% guaranteed !!!!!!

The cost of our 2 day program which comes with reading materials and a preparatory audio file is only 395$ !!! .The course can be latter repeated for 50 dollars.

Think about it... How valuable is your time? Are you keeping up with all the advances to stay competitive in your field? What are you missing it out on? Do you need to learn new languages? How much are you loosing out by not able to fully enjoy the information age? Cyberreading gives you the opportunity to replace hundreds of hours of tedious reading and memorization with a black belt in Accelerated Learning and Reading!!

Like all our programs this is one 100% money back guaranteed after completion of seminar. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!


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