NLP Practitioner Certification


Our certification program is a 12 day intensive program that covers core NLP
fundamentals. This is for those who want to take their NLP knowledge to the
next level. Intensive experiential coursework follows classroom instruction.

Here are some of the subjects covered:

 1. Rapport - How to quickly connect with anyone using verbal and non- verbal behavior.  Learn to disarm difficult people immediately.

2. Meta-model - Learn to define your goals with precision. Create contexts that exist well within your control. Learn to implement and carry out your goals to completion.

3. Re-frame - Spin any bad situation into a good one. Create larger contexts that open up doors. Discover the positive intention behind any behavior.

4. Anchoring - Induce peak emotional states in yourself and others. 

5. Strategies - Elicit strategies from yourself and others that will help you become a better communicator.

6. Sub-modalities - Learn the difference that makes the difference in
 language and success.

7. Change History- Remove limiting beliefs in yourself and others quickly and painlessly.



The Practitioner program is given twice a year. This year's program begins in September and meets one weekend a month until February 2018.

The dates are: September 16-17, October 14-15, November 11-12, December 16-17, January 12-13,and February 11-12

Once you have completed the 12 day program you become eligible to be certified as a NLP Practitioner by the Society of NLP which was created by Dr. Richard Bandler.

There are many NLP centers out there, but THE NEW YORK NLP INSTITUTE is a member of the Society of NLP, the only certifying body endorsed by Dr. Bandler.
BY NOW you are probably asking yourself how much do the program cost?

A better question might be how much is a NEW LIFE worth to you? A life of
fun, pleasure and possibility?

How much will it cost you to keep holding on to those limiting beliefs and behaviors?

Ready to say Yes ?                      

The NLP Practitioner Certification is only $1, 995.

We also have an early bird plan for $1, 795 good until August 1, 2017.

Please ask us about installment payments.

*There is a small administrative charge from the Society of NLP.
Please contact the for details.

Questions about the program? Rates? Call 1 800- 249-6017 and one of our representatives will be happy to speak to you.

Any individual course date is subject to cancellation depending upon final number of registered participants. 


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