Are you tired of being tired? Fed up with routines and never ending ruts?

Is there a part deep inside you looking to break free, knowing that there is a WAY OUT!!!

If the answer is YES, then you have come to the right place.

NLP offers a variety of tools and attitudes that will free you from routines by FINDING YOURSELF doing new things.

Many of you have been to one workshop or another, read countless books and have yet made the kind of progress you so much yearn.


In workshops all participants sit with each other and try out these techniques. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.


Many participants freeze the minute they need to use these techniques in the loud hectic environment of the REAL WORLD. 

The result: Little or No Progress, disappointment and regret.

                           The KEY is VERY SIMPLE.

During our 3 day weekend, you will go out and practice these exercises outside the classroom so you can see for yourself the wonders of NLP.

Lastly,   We have our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!. If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting at the end of the program, a refund will be issued to you with 100 dollar for your time!!!

What are you waiting for??? Sign up NOW with our NLP Certification Program and begin the adventure of a LIFETIME!!!!!!!

The cost of the NLP certification is $999. This includes admission to the workshop, a workbook and a private one on-one with the instructor.

Now that you know how GREAT YOU WILL FEEL, take action NOW

Seating is limited!!!




*There is a small administrative charge from the Society of NLP.
Please contact the for details.

Questions about the program? Rates? Call 1 800- 249-6017 and one of our representatives will be happy to speak to you.

Any individual course date is subject to cancellation depending upon final number of registered participants. 


Please send us your name and email to receive the Free E book : The 9 Most  Powerful & Effective NLP Techniques on thePlanet

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