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The Most Powerful NLP Techniques

I often get asked what are the most powerful techniques in NLP?. This is not an easy question to answer since what works for one person might not work for another but after many sessions with my clients I have put together what I believe are the 9 most powerful persuasion techniques in NLP.

The criteria for selecting these are based on:

1. Speed of execution

2. Learning curve to master them

3. Resiliency.

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The key is willingness to execute them at the right time and place.

1. How to inoculate against objections. Your client won't think of objecting since you have already built in response.

2. Induce amnesia over subject covered.

3. Appeal to you customer’s identity in sales.

4. Knock out all the images and sounds that stand in the way with a simple wave of the hand.

5. Backtrack their decision to a point they can start from a clean slate.

6. Show them how to magnify their compelling future until it’s irresistible!!!

7. Use phonological ambiguities or "double entendre" to communicate the objective clearly and easily.

8 Create a propulsion machine that will bulldoze any objection and concern.

9 Create ecological checks to make sure your client doesn't have buyer’s remorse.


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