NLP will help you in many ways. It will help you identify and eliminate destructive habits and replace them with useful ones in a matter of minutes. As social creatures we are prone to being influenced by many agents, experts, the media, our friends. This reaches a point where we don’t know what to believe or think!!!

NLP will help you sort out "real data" from most of the clutter out there. It will help you become a more original and bold thinker. One who thinks outside the box. It will also help you gain respect and insight into other people’s belief system.

 As rule our graduates report better communication with their friends, partners, bosses and associates. NLP could also become a foundation towards a career in Health and Personal growth.

We encourage our students to practice NLP constantly until it's embedded into their unconscious. A lot of people teach Karate, but very few teach the kind of Karate that will help you defend yourself on the street. If you want to learn Jeet Kun Do you learn it from someone who studied under Bruce Lee, not someone who read it in a book and now is teaching it to uninformed students. Dr. Richard Bandler is the Bruce Lee of Fast Change.


Here are some frequently asked questions:

I hear NLP is about manipulation. Is that true?

 The difference between manipulation and helping others achieve is the intention in your heart. NLP offers a set of very powerful tools to change people. Here at the institute we emphasize ecology and a win-win attitude. Using NLP as short term way to get over on someone will get you bad results at the end.

 What's the difference between our institute and the others out there?

There is no doubt there are many offering similar workshops on the surface like ours. One main difference is WHO is certifying. As certified trainers of NLP by Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP we adhere to the highest standards of NLP anywhere.






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