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The Power Seminar is an experiential workshop where you get to role play the techniques and strategies outlined in Robert Greene's classic book The 48 Laws of Power other major works in military and world history.

In the Power Seminar you get to learn and apply the principles outlined in a safe and supportive environment. Once you learn the principles of the book you can then go out in the world and use them more effectively getting the results you want.






What if you could read 50,000 per minute? Reduce years of learning to months or even weeks? Keep up with the latest trends in your field without sacrificing your precious time? Improve your creativity, memory and learning?

What if you could learn this in just one weekend?

Hard to believe? Click below to find out.





April 11 - April 12, 2015

10am-6pm (Saturday and Sunday)


Find out the truth about hypnosis and how it can change your life.

Think about it... How valuable is your time? Are you keeping up with all the advances to stay competitive in your field? What are you missing it out on? Do you need to learn new languages? How much are you loosing out by not able to fully enjoy the information age? Cyberreading gives you the opportunity to replace hundreds of hours of tedious reading and memorization with a black belt in Accelerated Learning and Reading!!


Any individual course date is subject to cancellation depending upon final number of registered participants. 


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