The 48 Laws of Power


The Power Seminar is  an experiential workshop where you get to role play the techniques and strategies outlined in Robert Greene's classic book The 48 Laws of Power other major works in military and world history.

Lets face it, you can read all the books in the world but unless you apply the teachings and learn from your mistakes the reading will amount to academic knowledge.

In the Power Seminar you get to learn and apply the principles outlined in
a safe and supportive environment. Once you learn the principles of the book you can then
go out in the world and use them more effectively getting the results you want.

The Power Seminar is not about becoming a control freak but about understanding, and utilizing the principles without sacrificing your personal integrity and core values.

We live in the world of Power, as the Indian Tantrics call it Shakti. Understand Power, its allure and seduction is the key to living a fulfilling life.

During the 2 day seminar you will team up with other participants and role play various elements of Power. Once you learn the principles and applications you move on.


The cost of the 2 day seminar is $495.



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