Hello Everyone!!!

I am Daniel Abella, founder and director of The New York Institute of NLP.
Often we meet or hear of people who do amazing things; they excel at business, have wonderful relationships are great teachers, or scientists and when you ask them how they do it? Their reply is luck, good timing or just plain intuition.

…and yet you know that isn’t the whole truth.

Ever wondered how they got that way? Do you wish you too could engineer that kind of success?

NLP has studied and modeled thousands of successful people and found they all share similar verbal and non verbal patterns in common. These patterns have been codified into a system that anyone can learn and master!!!

NLP provides you with tools that enable you to become a more effective communicator. NLP will also help you with any unresolved issues or themes stopping you from achieving your peak potential. 

NLP is used in all walks of life. Is used in treating shyness, anxiety, phobias, procrastination, depression and other limiting conditions. In business, NLP is used to facilitate and negotiate successful party resolution. As a tool for communication, NLP is used for more effective sales and marketing presentations.

NLP is used by Fortune 100 companies, therapists, consultants; health professionals. Celebrities like John Bradshaw, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey are some who have studied NLP. Television shows such as the MENTALIST, or LIE TO ME incorporate NLP themes. Even Madison Avenue has jumped on the bandwagon!!!

Isn’t it time to get down with the NLP Program?

If you feel you are not where you are should be in your finances, personal life, relationships then do yourself a favor and REGISTER NOW!! 


NLP Practitioner Certification covers:

1. Rapport - Quickly connect with anyone using verbal and non- verbal behavior. Learn to disarm difficult people immediately.

2. Meta-model - Learn to define your goals with precision. Create contexts that exist well within your control. Learn to implement and carry out your goals to completion.

3. Reframe - Spin any bad situation into a good one. Create larger contexts that open up doors. Discover the positive intention behind any behavior.

4. Anchoring - Induce peak emotional states in yourself and others.

5. Strategies - Elicit strategies from yourself and others that will help you become a better communicator.

6. Sub modalities - Learn the difference that makes the difference in
 language and success.

7. Change History- Remove limiting beliefs in yourself and others quickly and painlessly.






Any individual course date is subject to cancellation depending upon final number of registered participants. 


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